Day 6: Terracotta Warriors…

Arrived in Xi’an late last night and after a tumultuous sleep we’re off to find breakfast and then getting the subway and a bus to see the terracotta warriors, and maybe some temples if we have time, but it’s already 10 o’clock so maybe they’ll feature in tomorrow’s day of pottering!

Just got back from seeing the terracotta warriors (or as an American guy called them, the “terracotta soldiers”) and it’s 6pm so it turned into quite the day out!

I loved them and felt quite guilty about not reading up on them before we left so have added another book to my “to buy when I get home list”. You’re meant to go from Pit 3 to 2 and then 1 as your sense of overwhelming builds up, we did this but my favourite one was actually Pit 3 believe it or not. It wasn’t as busy and you could really get a feel for the level of detail and work that went into making them.

There were so many people though which took away from that initial wow factor you must get when first seeing them and towards the end I began to feel like I was intruding on an empowers tomb, disturbing the dead and possibly ending his immortality…again I’ll have to research when I get back!

On the way back to our hotel we stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee…and I got a green tea latte! Have been dying for one of these for ages and follow loads of great Instagram accounts full of things to do with matcha and other green tea, smelt a bit funny but hey that’s green tea-it’s actually lovely, really sweet and frothy and totally delicious! 

Off out for something to eat in a bit, maybe a cheeky swim first…scoffed 3 dim sum at the terracotta warriors place and now my stomach is rumbling! 

Ended up napping and writing up some blogs rather than going for a swim, but then it was time to explore the inner city walls of Xi’an for some food.

On the way we walked past the Bell Tower all lit up and the Drum Tower too…beautiful!

We found a street full of bars, Defu Bar Street, but ended up doubling back on ourselves as we’d found an amazing looking place!

We stuffed our faces on curried potatoes, rice and chicken with garlic lettuce, 2 beers and cokes all for under a tenner! 

Then went back to Defu Bar Street, for some beers, 4 to be precise, was lovely though! 

*You’re never too far away from home!

Got lost on way back, ended up outside the city walls so turned the corner and quickly nipped back in again, stumbling upon a club that looked incredible, but unfortunately we were in trainers!

We ended up getting back to the hotel gone 1 in the morning after just going out for tea!!!

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  1. happynfull says:

    Tea after a long day of walking or eating sounds absolutely perfect! I’ve been wanting to go here… Someday 🙂 thanks for sharing photos!

  2. Lovely photos! And don’t worry. You weren’t disturbing the emperor. He is buried beneath a pyramid quite far away.

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