Day 7: China Strikes Again…

Got up late, must have needed it! Set off in search of a subway line…stopped for lunch in Starbucks. Got subway and headed for Pagoda and temples. Feels weird outside the city walls. Some fairly built up places and other areas more neglected. Also feels as if a lot of people haven’t seen Westerners as got a lot more stares, even photos sneakily taken of us. 

Eventually we found the pagoda after walking for 40 mins in the wrong direction and in 32 degree heat! It unfortunately had scaffolding on it and the area was being done up, laying another subway track etc to get it more tourist-ready. 

Had noodles for lunch – was disgusting and hardly touched mine, serves us right for going somewhere that was completely empty! Headed back to the hotel, China strikes again! 

Rob has been asleep for the past few hours while I’ve been blogging and doing some crosswords, good old relax! Going to head somewhere local for food, maybe even the sister hotel, Sofitel, as we’re up at 5 tomorrow to get a bus to the airport ready to head to Chengdu and see ourselves some pandas!!!

Had a buffet at the Sofitel-great mix of food, including English, which Rob loved. He had a steak and other bits while I went for dim sum, noodles and sushi 😍 Afterwards we wandered back to the room hoping to get an early night, but the rooms opposite were having a “party”. Funny party- just a few people stood in a room with no drink or music, also not a lot of talking just doors slamming. Needless to say it’s 3 in the morning and I’m yet to fall asleep…

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  1. xiaoru89 says:

    Interesting blog, I will be following you two for sure!

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