Day 8: Chengdu Can Do!

Got up at half 5 instead and we were straight up and out, walking 20 minutes to the bus station. Got there just in time too as the airport bus was leaving 10 minutes early!

As we drove past the city walls and started the hour drive to the airport I felt as though I was getting more to grips with China. It’s ups and downs, nuances and so on. I also couldn’t help feeling super excited as we’re heading to Chengdu where we’ll hopefully see some pandas!

Arrived at the airport ridiculously early, also at the wrong terminal! Once there we had a couple of hours to kill before check in so grabbed some food-an egg sandwich…I’m sure the Mayo had sugar in it :/ 

Here in Chengdu, it has a totally different feel to it, it’s definitely cleaner and more relaxed. Went out for tea by a park, it was beautiful! 

Lots of markets, locals and actually had our first Chinese cuppa, which we savoured and refilled for over an hour. I fell in love with the teacups and now want to get myself a set as well as some Jasmine tea, it was amazing.

We then grabbed some food, again not great but I had rice and noodles as the dim sum and spring rolls were going to take too long! Back at the hotel we decided to have an earlyish night as we hadn’t slept properly the night before and I wanted to be bright as a button for the pandas!

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