Day 9: The Day Of The Pandas…

It’s one of the days I’ve been most looking forward to, and the reason we’re in Chengdu at all! 

Today was the day we travelled to the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Facility and my God was it worth it!

After a short taxi ride costing 40 Yuan (about a fiver) we arrived and only paid 58 Yuan for a ticket, about £7.25! Once in there we spent over 5 hours happily following different paths to see the same animal…and never tired once! 

We saw adult giant pandas, younglings (about a year old) and even baby ones that were born in June and July!

I can’t recommend this place enough so I’m not. Instead I’m just going to post some incredible pics and let you research it for yourself…

*This is us on our way in!!!

*Munching away…did you know that an adult panda needs to eat 40kg of bamboo a day?

*Oh hey, I see you up there!

*Slightly over 6 weeks old!!!

*Clearly in my element here!

*A youngling just chilling in the sunshine…

*Managed to catch a pic of this one just before he tumbled off the wood!

And some videos too…

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