Day 13: Shanghai’s YuYuan Gardens And Moon Cake!

Woke up and absolutely full of cold, used a full pack of tissues before even heading out!

We headed out to the Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai’s old town if you like, which was full of authentic-looking buildings, markets and street food. We got stuck in straight away buying a few gifts, including a tea flask for me 🙂 

Then we decided to try out some sort of bun that we’d seen advertised on the news back in Chengdu. 

People were lining the streets for these things and turns out we are staying just down the road from the main bakery! However, this place didn’t have a queue so we got one each to try…
They’re like a sausage roll, but disc-shaped and with a really flavoursome, almost wet middle that’s delicious. And they’re finished with this cool red stamp!

Afterwards we headed over to the Pearl Tower across the water and paid 230 yuan (about £28) to go to each floor starting in the middle viewing deck which was 268 metres high.

Just before we got here I took this amazing panoramic which was then followed by a couple of older Chinese ladies asking to have their photo taken with me!

We then went to the space sphere right at the top, 351 metres high which was incredibly surreal. We were told to put on shoe covers and got in a dark lift with flashing lights before getting out into a completely white corridor with stairs. Once at the top though it was a bit naff what they’d tried to do, but great views though.

After this we headed to the lowest sphere where we got on a roller coaster that took us for a little spin inside the sphere (it was really fun)!

Somehow before we started up the tower we managed to miss out the two and a half hour queue up to the top…I still don’t know how we managed it! 

Before we left we wandered round the museum then got the Bund sightseeing tunnel back to our side of the river…super trippy, I can’t even explain so here’s a video:

Next stop was good in a department store up on the sixth floor – was ok, we just had black tea with some bits.

I was then really feeling congested so we headed back to the hotel where I had a three hour nap…is it still called a nap if it lasts this long I wonder???

Woke up feeling terrible, but we headed out for food…didn’t eat much on account of not feeling 100% but afterwards we found a cute tea shop so have decided to go to a tea ceremony there tomorrow – I’ve wanted to do one of these since before we flew out so I’m so excited! 

Just got in from drinking rose and ginseng oolong tea near the hotel and a quick walk through people’s square. Great way to end our second night in Shanghai.

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