Day 14: Steamed Buns, Tea Ceremonies & Moon Cakes In Shanghai…

Woke up to see rain for the first time since we left Liverpool! This is what the weather is actually like at this time so we’ve done really well to avoid it so far.

We went for a walk, stopping for coffee on the way, and came across a really old part of town that used to be full of bars and market streets, sadly it was no more so we headed back to East Nanjing Road (where we are staying), through the back of a market shop with pig faces on the wall and up the stairs into a restaurant. The buns we ordered were delicious, but far too messy! Think it took me nearly 15 minutes to eat two and by then I was full.

Headed to a little tea shop we stumbled upon last night for a tea ceremony where we got to taste our favourite jasmine tea (apparently an evening drink that’s great for making people happy and relaxed), oolong, which is natural green tea and tastes super fresh (almost like cut grass) and aids digestion – this is more for early mornings.

We then tried black tea which was far more refreshing than what we drink back home and we even tried a moon cake which is what we’ve seen so much of. Like the stamped buns we had the other day, but this one was sweet with a hard boiled yoke in the middle…disgusting, but we munched away, smiling sweetly so as not to offend!

It turns out that the reason for all the queues for the buns is because it’s the Mid-Autumn festival tomorrow and these buns, the locals call Moon Cakes, are the main event. You can have sweet or savoury and people are buying boxes of them! Will have to Google exactly what this festival is when we get back.

After sampling and buying lots of tea we went to our fave spot for a pot of sweet ginseng tea before heading over to Xintiandi, a cool new bar and restaurant area for the youngies. 

We ate at a spicy crab place which was lovely and then headed over to a bar for a few cocktails and G&Ts. I’d highly recommend it! 

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