Day 15: Last Day In Shanghai…

Missed breakfast yet again but I was happy with a bit longer in bed to be perfectly honest.

We took a walk down Nanjing Road towards the Bund then along until we’d gone full circle. It’s pouring down and the sky-risers are slowly being taken over by the clouds, very moody looking.

We had a sandwich for lunch surrounded by Americans on some sort of trip before heading to Starbucks so Rob could grab his new favourite, a black tea latte! Hope they do them back home as I’m not sure he’ll cope without them!

Ended up having to buy an umbrella off the street on our way to find something to eat. It was like a monsoon and getting heavier every minute! We were soaked through within seconds – really unpleasant, but there were so many people still about, nothing stops a tourist I guess!

It got so bad that we stumbled down a side road and ended up in a Shanghai brewery where we downed a couple of pints, ate beautifully cooked beef and then were given a sweet moon cake to try by the bar staff who were celebrating the mud-Autumn festival. It was so much better than the one the tea lady gave us the other day with an egg yolk in it!

Afterwards we ran back and hung up our clothes but they were still wet in the morning !

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