Day 16: Arrived in Hong Kong!!!

Woke up actually in time for breakfast today and packed last night so we’re all ready to get the subway to Pudong airport.

Airport and flight were super simple. Cost us 90p instead of ยฃ24 by taking the subway and we got a cornetto on the plane too.

We were slightly delayed but wow, flying into Hong Kong is something else and as Rob used to drive a container ship in these waters we had fun pointing out all the ships and talking about how they manage to navigate around one another, incredible!

We taxi’d to the hotel, The Madera, and it’s beautiful. The room, although fairly small, is amazing and Rob has got the football channel so he can watch Liverpool – Chelsea at 3 o’clock this morning…I will be fast asleep!

We’ve got an amazing rooftop bar with incredible views too, think we’ll be spending quite a bit of time up here!

*Cheeky White Russian and TsingTao on the rooftop bar before we headed off to the harbour, well it’d be rude not to!

We headed down to the harbour to take in the view with hundreds of other tourists before finding somewhere to eat.

Got back around 9 and I jumped in the shower as its so hot and sticky outside, definitely a different kind of heat in Hong Kong, more tropical, before slipping into my fluffy white robe ready for an hour of blogging…I’ve said it before, but utter bliss! 

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