Day 17: Hong Kong and Victoria Peak…

Wow it’s hot in Hong Kong. Just standing still I was sweating. Definitely in the tropics now and I’m finally getting the humidity everyone talks about.

We took the subway from Kowloon over to Hong Kong island today and took the tram up to Victoria Peak. It was an old tram line built back in 1888 and takes 17,000 people up and down a day! Incredible.

Up at the top the views were incredible so we talk a little walk around watching the dragonflies and butterflies dance around in the heat.

We headed back so I could wash my hair then I left Rob relaxing in the hotel room while I nipped out to buy him a birthday cake and some Ted Baker socks, as it’s become our silly tradition. 
Once I’d hidden these around the room we nipped up to the rooftop bar for a couple of cocktails and watched as day turned into evening turned into night. Beautiful.

We found a bar street called Knutsford terrace where we ate and had a cocktail or two before heading back. Something about this heat is just sapping!

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