Day 20 – Last Day…Boo Sur! Big Buddha & Light Show…

I’m glad we went out with James and Becky last night as they convinced Rob that a trip to the Big Buddha was well worth it and I really wanted to go.

Off to the subway again as we got the line to Disneyland…only to switch to head to the Buddha! I wouldn’t have swapped though, the Big Buddha as it’s known was something else entirely.

Half an hour on a cable car over rivers and up through the mountains was followed by a walk through ancient warriors towards an active monastery. 

It was so peaceful watching people light incense for their loved ones and monks dressed in red and orange wandering about the grounds.

We then took the 250 steps (not quite the Great Wall’s 586) to the top, stopping to take pictures on the way as we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Surrounded by six other, smaller Buddhas with various offerings, and with stunning views I think this was the most peaceful place I’d been to throughout my China travels, truly peaceful and absolutely breathtaking.

What’s more, that wasn’t even the end to the day. After dinner we went down to the harbour and took a boat trip (Chinese junk) around Hong Kong harbour where we watched the light show. Another perfect day!

I can’t believe that’s it. We’ve got a few hours to kill tomorrow before our flight, but that’s it. Our three week adventure is over…time to start planning the next one, wherever that may be! 

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