New Year Clean Up…

And not the kind you think!

After a quiet ringing in of the New Year which involved zero alcohol I woke up feeling pretty fresh! So what does a girl do when your other half is in bed full of cold and you’re feeling fresh as a daisy?!?

Clean up her closet that’s what! 

So a couple of hours later and lots of mess and chaos…

Then this happened…

Five whole bags of stuff I haven’t worn for at least a year and loads of shoes, most of which have either neither been worn or just a few times…all ready for the charity shop!

After this, some Toblerone and Royals Family Christmas Specials, I started putting together my Kenwood blender off the rents for Chrimbo so now I’m ready for smoothies and much more.

I’m feeling fresh, focussed and energised, roll on 2017!

Love Laura x


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